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5 Mistakes to Avoid Fundamental On Our Product

21 Jan 2010 - - 1

However, when I noticed, sometimes there are new products launched did not escape from bondage, basic mistakes. What are they? Here are basic errors that should not happen to you who intend to have their own products.

1. Not doing market research. Just based on intuition or desire might be. Then in a hurry to make product information. Should be, you start from the market research on the internet. How? Please read 6 ways to market research internet business run smoothly.

2. Do not see a map competition. In some niche markets may be the level of competition is already too high. If you are desperate to play in these niche with crude preparations, almost predictable if your Internet business failed.

3. The contents of the product is not the focus for consumers. Sometimes we are too preoccupied with yourself when making a product. We are so ignorant of what is actually required by the (potential) customers we are. Therefore, carefully note the following sentence in your brain.

4. Not know the things that effective or not. If that is you'll find the answer with the process. In the beginning, when you are trying to do business online, you do not know which place to effectively advertise your products, what parts of your pages that need to be changed and the effect on sales, and what keywords bring the most sales. But often the Internet business, you will find the answer.

5. Finally marketing point. When your product has become, in the end the talk about marketing. Lots of good product maybe, but not be selling well because the marketing no way. Or maybe the road, but the half-half. Street marketing or steps, but the path taken wrong marketing.

About marketing in essence is simple: "you bring the right product at the right people, in the right way, and in a timely manner!"

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